Manufacturing Latex Gloves


We all know that disposable gloves have become an indispensable part of daily life. Whether they are used in the medical field, food processing, cleaning, beauty industries, etc. – it doesn’t matter; gloves serve as our primary protection against germs and other hazards. What is surprising is the fact that, according to medical history, rubber gloves have only been around for the last 126 years – not a long time at all, when one considers how commonplace and critical they are these days!

But have you ever wondered how gloves are made? The manufacturing of latex gloves is a huge international industry and specialised factories produce hundreds of thousands of gloves every day. Even though we are used to using gloves in so many of our industries we don’t necessarily spare much thought to what goes into the process of manufacturing Latex gloves or the quality testing that every single item undergoes to ensure that the end customer receives a product of the highest quality only.

In the video below each step of the process used in manufacturing Latex Gloves is shown in fascinating detail and it’s surprising to see how much of the process is still manual – requiring many factory workers’ direct involvement. It is an industry that provides a lot of jobs and income and helps contribute not only to the local, but also to the global economy.

Something that does stand out in this video though is the slightly creepy feeling one gets when seeing all those hand moulds moving along the conveyor belt – it is decidedly eerie and this factory is definitely not a place one would want to visit at night!


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