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What are Nebulizers and How do they Work?

Nebulizers are quite commonplace in hospitals and clinics these days and you’ll even find quite [...]

The Health Benefits of Exercise

One thing that is very important to remember when it comes to exercise is to [...]

Diabetes Mellitus – How does It Work?

November is World Diabetes Awareness Month and, as with so many other diseases, not many [...]

Common Injuries Around the House – Part 1

In our homes accidents do happen no matter how safe we try and make our [...]

Common Household Injuries – Part 2

In our previous article we started discussing common injuries around the house, specifically bruises, sprains [...]

The Hidden Sugar In Your Diet

We all know that eating too much sugar is bad for us. What most people [...]

Vegetarianism vs. Veganism – What’s It All About?

Quite often you hear someone say they’re a vegetarian or a vegan, but while you [...]

The Right Superfoods for Kids

As kids grow up they need a healthy balanced diet, not only to promote physical [...]

All About the Different Types of Bandages

Bandages are common items that can be found in every Pharmacy and First Aid Kit. [...]

The History of the Syringe

Syringes are pretty basic, standard items that are used daily in the medical industry. Their [...]

Sunday 17th May – World Hypertension Day

I know many of you are wondering “What is Hypertension?” You know that you should [...]

Winter in Cape Town?

The Cape winter has the locals running for cover – quite literally. Our annual quota [...]

Donating Blood Could Benefit You Too!

Donating blood can be a really scary prospect. The thought of those needles, being in [...]

Assistance Dogs Day!

Man’s best friend has always been known for their loyalty and helpfulness. But none are [...]

Heritage Day 2023!

Our team is synonymous for taking every occasion to celebrate! We headed into the long [...]

It cleans like magic!

Where did the time go? We are halfway through the year and halfway through the [...]

 Cape Town Tattoo Convention Sponsorship: 31 March to 02 April 2023

We at Omnisurge have always been about providing you with the best products for your [...]

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