What are Different Types of Gauze Used For?

Paraffin Gauze

non sterile gauze swabsWhen it comes to medical products designed to help with wound care there are many different types available on the market. The problem is though that the average person doesn’t always know which kind of wound care product or dressing to buy for which situation.

Most First Aid Kits contain one or more kinds of Gauze dressings. Different types of Gauze include Sterile Gauze Swabs, Non-Sterile Gauze Swabs, and Paraffin Gauze Dressings.

Normal Gauze swabs are typically used in first response to injuries. They are made from simple cotton weave and this makes them ideal for cleaning a wound and stemming and absorbing blood and exudate fluids from a wound.

When used in conjunction with a medicinal ointment, Gauze swabs can be used as a temporary dressing, but since they are woven cotton they have no lubricated surface, and after a while they may become stuck to the wound area which may in turn delay the healing process.

Medical GauzeParaffin Gauze, on the other hand, is fully impregnated with medical grade paraffin which soothes and protects the wound, thereby promoting the healing process. Because of the paraffin content, this kind of Gauze swab is also low-adherent, meaning it will not stick to the wound, which will make the changing of the dressing much easier and more comfortable for the patient.

You can also use other antiseptic ointments or topical agent in conjunction with a Paraffin Gauze dressing, which will help speed up the healing process even more. Paraffin Gauze also has an open weave base fabric which will allow the wound to drain freely into an absorbent secondary dressing that can be placed on top of the Paraffin Gauze. Lastly, because this gauze is semi-transparent, you can observe the wound site easily and this will aid in helping to determine when a dressing needs to be changed.

Ideally Paraffin Gauze should be used on superficial wounds that exude fluid such as minor abrasions, donor sites and minor burn sites.

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