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Omnisurge is driven to supply ALL INDUSTRIES with all the essentials, and Disposable Gloves are no exception. We stock bulk supplies of medical-grade Nitrile exam gloves and cleaning gloves crafted from natural latex. They come in disposable and durable varieties as well as powdered and non-powdered variants for your convenience and personal preference.

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Through the use of a pair of disposable gloves, a user can have the confidence that they are protected, being protective and maintaining an appropriate level of hygiene in a personal, commercial or industrial environment. Omnisurge offers different types of Disposable Gloves including powder-free, pre-powered, chemical resistant and medical Disposable Gloves.

black nitrile gloves

Be it cleaning or performing surgery, you want to protect yourself and others from dirt and harmful bacteria. Or really, you just want to keep your hands clean. Regardless of the use, be it for medical or cleaning, Golden Hand gloves are sure to protect you or your patient from harmful germs while minimizing clean up.

We also stock Nitrile gloves for those with latex allergies, ensuring there is a glove for everyone without risk of reaction.

In the Disposable Gloves range, we stock Medical Grade PE gloves, loose-fitting for easy removal and disposal. These gloves are intended for the food industry and household use, and not suitable for heavy-duty or abrasive cleaning.

We sell all our glove products in bulk boxes in a variety of sizes from small to x-large. Our stock is also sold at wholesale prices, saving money for both you and your practice.

All our Disposable Gloves conform to ASTM D6319-10 Standards, giving you superior quality insurance on your gloves. All our gloves are rigorously tested during production to ensure this quality reassurance is maintained.