The Health Benefits of Exercise

benefits of exercise

Yes, we all know we should exercise regularly and we know how good it is for us to keep in shape, but exercise is far more beneficial than we might think. Walking, running or swimming a few times a week for just a small amount of time will have many positive effects on your body and, even though we cannot feel it instantly, we will feel it as time passes. Some of the excellent benefits of exercise are below.


Heart-Buddy-TwitterHealthy Heart – It is proven scientifically that exercise can change your heart condition over time. It can improve the muscles and general performance of your heart quite positively. Your cholesterol levels will also be affected and show progress. Recent research shows that the exercise can lower the chances of heart attacks by 20-30 percent and that is an excellent benefit of exercise.

Improved Blood Pressure – Exercise is the first and basic way to improve your blood pressure. It can reopen blocked arteries and contracted veins and allow for better blood flow. Exercise can reduce the chances of high blood pressure with up to 35-40 percent.

CalciumStronger Bones – Moderate exercise can make bones stronger and less brittle. It can also enhance the weight and mass of the bones. One of the ways it does this is by affecting the blood production and this helps make bones stronger and lowers the chance of bone breakage and even osteoporosis.

Stronger Immune System – Exercise helps to increase the amount of white blood cell production and this can aid us in resisting common diseases efficiently and keep us healthier overall.

Stop-the-madness-sleep-better-mattress-sleep-blog-imageManage Stress – Exercise has a huge effect on our mental condition. Regular exercise will help to lower your stress levels and thus help you achieve better mental balance. And this is a benefit of exercise that we could all use!

More Energy – When a person exercises it enhances the energy storage in that person’s body and this will help you use energy more efficiently and have more endurance for every day, simple tasks.

Sleep_woman2Better Sleep – Because exercise is a physical task it will help regulate other bodily process and also help you to sleep better because you tire your muscles out and relax your brain and thought processes. You will be able to sleep deeper and better and will awake relaxed and refreshed with more energy for the coming day. Also, did you know that better sleep leads to better weight loss? Now that’s two benefits of exercise in one!


exerciseOne thing that is very important to remember when it comes to exercise is to do it in moderation. Start a new exercise program slowly and work your way up to a more intense workout. A common mistake that many people will make when they decide to start exercising is to start with a severe workout regime. This will cause them to be very sore and stiff the following day, putting them off wanting to go to the gym for another workout session, and ultimately breaking their exercise routine and good intentions. A harsh workout can also cause injury to muscles, tendons, cartilage, sinews, and even bone, and you will then have to abstain from exercise until your body has healed fully. Also; strenuous exercise may exacerbate any existing medical conditions you might have and possibly even place your life in danger! And that will definitely not be part of the benefits of exercise!

A good exercise routine to use is the 15 X 3 method. Start with 15 minutes of light to medium cardio; like walking, cycling, rowing, stepping, skipping, or using an elliptical. Keep a slow, steady pace and get your heart rate up and your muscles warmed and limber. Then move to the circuit equipment and do 15 arm exercises, 15 leg exercises, and 15 abdominal exercises. Once that first round has been completed repeat the 3 exercises twice more – 15 X 3 X 3. Finish your workout off with another 15 minutes of moderate cardio and use the last 5 minutes to take it slowly and cool down your muscles. With this exercise routine it is important to concentrate on doing every exercise correctly and precisely, not as fast or as tough as possible.

And remember to ultimately try and have fun! Use your gym time and turn it into “me” time and a mini spa experience by using the pool, sauna or steam rooms after your workout and just letting yourself relax completely. Do this and the benefits of exercise will become apparent very quickly if you establish a routine and stick to it.