Heritage Day 2023!

heritage day celebrations

Our team is synonymous for taking every occasion to celebrate! We headed into the long weekend with kickstarting Heritage Day celebrations! This year, every team member had to bring something from their heritage they would generally take to braai. Of course South Africa is rich in Heritage, and this means we are rich in culture too. This showed in our leading ladies absolutely rocking their traditional wear!

Both branches had discussions running all week around who is bringing what. For some, the menu seemed quite normal as it was building up. For others, it was almost the unimaginable. There were all sorts of delicacies home to South Africa and the winner? The dish that took the prize? The FIRST prize? The one that got the most head-shakes from our various colleagues? RUNAWAYS! And if you are reading this and you don’t know what that is, it’s chicken feet.

With the help of our heat resistant GOLDEN HANDS™ Gloves, the braai masters managed to get well-spiced runaways to a crispy crunch on the fire. Surprisingly, the unimaginable turned to edible and super delicious.

And on that note, we’re happy that colleagues who were initially skeptical, did not choose to act on the true meaning of run-away!

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