It cleans like magic!

Team Magic Wipe @ the exhibition

Where did the time go? We are halfway through the year and halfway through the month!

It’s been a busy couple of months for us and recently we’ve just concluded an exhibition showcasing (some of) our magical products. The view is always one that cleaning products is limited to certain industries, however, when it comes to the heart of it, cleaning is a daily activity found in the home and businesses alike. Whilst we are a distributor, it was also interesting to gather the opinion of the individual consumer who attended.

This time, our Magic Wipes® Family went out to play and if you have not yet made the experience with the magic-wipe siblings, we can tell you, It cleans like magic!

Perhaps, we should take this opportunity to introduce to you the Magic Wipes® family.

First up, there’s our workhorse. True to its name, the workhorse brings its heavy-duty magic to the family! Like its other family members, (making waves in Restaurants, Kitchens, and Domestic cleaning), you can expect more from this working-horse. What’s even more exciting, where it previously came in 50 and 80gsm, we now boast the workhorse in 120 gsm. That’s Real Horse-Power!!!

Next up, rolling in colours of Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Orange and sometimes Blackare our Jumbo Rolls. It is Food Safe, Absorbent, Easy Rinse and Cost Effective. Ideal for use in restaurants, kitchens and domestic cleaning.

Finally, not forgetting our Multiwipe – it’s MAGICAL! They too are Food Safe, Absorbent, Easy Rinse, Cost effective and Multi-functional. So, if you haven’t yet met the Magic Wipes® family, make a point of doing so. Our prices can compare!

It goes without saying that exhibitions always have a way of producing delicious snacks-to-go. From pizzas to pancakes, there was no shortage of tasters and it seemed like our Golden Hands ® Gloves also wanted in on the action!

Following a cutting incident where a chef urgently required gloves, our team was on standby with assistance. Our Golden Hands ® Black Nitrile gloves came to the rescue and feedback from the head chef from RICH’S Product Corporation Africa, was raving! From there, it went uphill for other participants using Golden Hands ® gloves in the challenge of producing pizzas with unique flavours. 

The circle would not be complete if our teamsters didn’t lead by example showcasing their other skills – flipping pancakes that were flippin’ good! And we’ve got receipts to prove it.

Golden Hands testimonial from a head chef

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