Cape Town Tattoo Convention Sponsorship: 31 March to 02 April 2023

Cape Town Tattoo Convention

We at Omnisurge have always been about providing you with the best products for your needs, so when we heard about a tattoo convention taking place in Cape Town and Johannesburg, we at Omnisurge knew it was time to get involved!

The convention was held from 31st March to 2nd April in Cape Town and saw hundreds of tattoo artists from all over the country attend. We were thrilled when they asked us to sponsor one our product ranges, namely our range of Golden Hands™ gloves, which is ideal for tattoo artists for hygiene, cleanliness, and convenience.

The tattoo industry is growing rapidly in South Africa, and these conventions are an important way to connect with the community. Tattoo artists use disposable gloves throughout their day and career, and they need to be sure that they are getting the best quality product available. Omnisurge’s Golden Hands™ gloves are designed specifically for not only the tattoo industry but the food, medical, industrial, cleaning, and mechanical industries as well. They are strong enough to withstand repeated use without tearing or ripping, yet soft enough for comfort during prolonged use. Our gloves come in many different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your hands.

In this case, our Black nitrile Golden Hands gloves ™ range is designed specifically for the tattoo, salon, motor, and medical industry. The black colour camouflages blood, dirt, oil and hair colour. The nitrile glove is made up of a synthetic polymer that exhibits rubber-like characteristics and is non-allergenic. It is full finger textured and palm textured for optimum grip and use of intricate tools.

Our Golden Hands ™ gloves are made from materials selected for its ability to provide protection against germs while allowing the wearer to touch items without getting dirty. They are also disposable meaning that after use they can be thrown away without having to worry about cleaning them first.

So, if you’re a tattoo artist looking for some new products for your studio – or a mechanic, chef or nurse – come check out Omnisurge (Pty) Ltd, with branches in both Cape Town and Gauteng.

Why are these products so beneficial, you ask?

Because disposable gloves is an essential item that has become increasingly important in our daily lives and with the importance of hygiene and cleanliness having never been more crucial, we would like to highlight the benefits of using our Golden Hands ™, as well as how to use and dispose of them properly.

Our Golden Hands ™ range is an essential item for anyone who needs to maintain a high level of hygiene – like our tattoo artists, our nurses, our food preparers – commonly used in the healthcare industry, food industry, and for general cleaning purposes.  Some benefits of using Golden Hands ™ gloves:

  1. Protection: Disposable gloves provide a physical barrier between your skin and the environment. They protect your hands from meeting harmful substances, such as chemicals, bacteria, and viruses.
  2. Hygiene: Our gloves are designed for single use only. This ensures that you do not spread germs or bacteria from one surface to another.
  3. Convenience: Golden Hands gloves are easy to use and can be easily disposed of after use. They are also available in different sizes and materials to suit different needs.

Golden Hands ™ – a winning recipe! Don’t take our word for it…testimonials in the form of videos below direct from the artists themselves.






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