Versatile Vinyl disposable examination gloves

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Get the job done quickly and comfortably with disposable vinyl gloves. This versatile product is affordable and offers great quality and fit that is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Whether you work in a facility or care for a loved one from the comfort of your home, vinyl gloves are perfectly suited for your everyday needs. Stay clean and protected in nursing homes, daycare centers and assisted living facilities, as well as in the kitchen, the office, or when doing automotive or cosmetic work. You can also use vinyl disposable gloves to keep your hands clean and dry while taking care of daily chores such as diaper changes, light household cleaning, food prep and cooking, personal care, painting, crafts projects, first aid, pet care and more.

You’re sure to love the sheer, frosty synthetic glove, which is comfortable and sweat-free. These ambidextrous gloves have a smooth finish and are chlorinated and equipped with a convenient beaded cuff to make it possible to quickly and easily slip them on and off without force. Vinyl Exam Gloves are medical grade, so they offer extra protection when coming in contact with blood or bodily fluids. They are ideal for use during patient examinations and blood tests as well as for managing incontinence.

Vinyl gloves are powder-free to keep your hands and clothes cleaner with no powder residue, as well as latex-free, all-around protection for people with sensitive skin. Another great feature offered is the absence of the chemical smell some gloves have, so they’re more pleasant to use.

Vinyl gloves are synthetic gloves made from PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, and are the most cost-efficient and comfortable of all glove options. Vinyl gloves also offer excellent chemical protection to keep you safe while you go about your daily tasks.

In conclusion

Whether you need a glove for medical, food handling, construction, chemical, and painting applications or just around the house, make the smart choice and choose Vinyl.


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