The Latest Range of Safety Wear at Omnisurge

The Latest Range of Safety Wear at Omnisurge

It’s essential in the warehouse, construction, maintenance, and other labour-intensive fields to keep your workers safe. In their line of work and accidents can happen dangerously quickly, causing injury, damage to property, and even death. That’s why it’s the employer’s responsibility to make sure their staff are equipped with safety wear and safety gear.

Omnisurge latest range of safety wear

We just received our latest range of safety wear, an extensive range of safety gear designed to keep the staff of varying professions safe on the job and in their work environment.

At Omnisurge you’ll find gear for a number of different fields and professions. Like for instance, metal works can be considered quite a taxing and dangerous work environment. When sparks fly welding gear ensures you’re not caught in the crossfires. Welding helmets and welding face shields are a must for any metalworking business, and for serious metal working you can be expected to provide chrome leather welding clothing that includes jackets, pants, aprons, gloves, yoks and spats.

Similarly, if a work environment produces dangerous airborne particles that can be inhaled by employees, it’s critical to provide them with respirators. And respirators are nothing without cartridges. We stock respirators and a range of filter cartridges for all kinds of environments and airborne particles.

Sometimes it’s not just particles that are airborne either. When your employees are up on scaffolding, high above the ground, you can bet they’re going to insist on safety harnesses. Better yet, a safety harness is approved by the authority in safety gear regulation. At Omnisurge we stock a range of harnesses for varying fields, all approved by SABS.

But man is not protected by harnesses alone. They’re going to need protective gear. It’s simple gear, but no less essential in demanding and dangerous work environments. Ear protection in the form of earmuffs and earplugs to protect the eardrums. Eye protection such as goggles and glasses to protect the eyes from harsh light, sparks and debris. And the all-important hard caps to protect the head from falling debris and other dangers in the workplace. And they should be SABS approved for peace of mind.

Sometimes you can find it’s a really messy job, depending on the industry. In the food prep and chemical industries, PVC aprons are a must to protect against blood, fat, and dangerous substances. Maxi bibs are typically reflective vests used for high visibility in the work environment. In luminescent yellow and orange, your staff will be hard to miss, an easy way to reduce accidents in the workplace.

And no matter the work environment or manual industry, no one wants to do manual labour in their casual attire. Workwear doesn’t just provide a work uniform, but they’re comfortable, breathable, and often flame and oil resistant. A necessity in messy work environments. Rainwear also keeps your employees dry under wet conditions.

Lastly, you’ve got the little necessities that are necessary for all lines of industrial work and should be combined with many of the safety wear above. From high visibility safety vests to bioguard safety socks, heavy-duty chrome leather safety gloves to heat resistant elbow sleeves, and safety shoes with steel toes to gumboots, safety wear is designed for the comfort and security of the wearer even in the toughest of environments.

Check out our range to find the right armoury of safety gear for you and your employees. We’re proud to encourage safety first at Omnisurge, and it certainly pays to keep your workforce healthy and happy. If you have any enquiries about our range, feel free to contact us.

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