First Aid Kits for Easter Weekend

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First Aid Kits for Easter

With Easter Weekend around the corner, we all have family trips planned, shopping lists put together and amazing memories to be made.
The one thing, however, that most people tend to forget about is safety!

At any given moment in time, something can happen here a loved one gets injured and while we might not be able to foresee or prevent it, there is always a means to cure or better the situation.

Although most of us are not certified medical professionals, there is always something we can do in urgent situations to make them turn out better rather than the worst.

In this post we will be discussing what and why you need first aid kits for Easter Weekend!

First Aid Kits for Easter Weekend: Keep it in your car

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions regarding first aid kits:

The most important aspect of a medical kit:

Firstly, a first aid kit should not be too big to travel with you. It should be small enough to fit in an easily accessible place such as your cubby hole or slightly bigger to keep in your boot.
You also want to make sure that it is durable and water-resistant.
Last, but not least, it should be rather bright in colour so it is easy to spot if it is dark.

Top pieces of equipment to keep in your kit:

Of course everything that is kept in a first aid kit is important and plays a certain role, but there are a few MUST haves that you should always stock upon. This includes items to treat burn wounds, cuts and bruises as well as band aids, scissors and tweezers.
For ointment/creams be sure to have something to treat insect bites and a disinfectant.
When looking at it from a medication perspective, these can come in handy: nausea tablets and headache tablets.
NOTE – be sure to mark all of these properly so you don’t have to struggle to find what you are looking for and that it can’t be easily opened by children.

What about when we go hiking or outdoors?

Of course you won’t be spending your whole Easter Weekend in the car or in the house. If you have some adventurous things planned, the size of the kit in your car might be a tad bit too big to carry around comfortably.
We highly recommend getting a smaller sized sealable bag where you can carry bandaids, bandages, sunblock as well as antiseptic ointment.

Common mistakes made with first aid kits?

Although we didn’t mention this above, having a CPR-mouthpiece and medical gloves are two VERY important pieces of equipment to have. This can help you save somebody’s life and also help you protect yourself.
Never overstock your kit with unnecessary amounts of items as this will just cause chaos and distraction when something really does happen.

Should I do a first aid course?

A lot of first aid knowledge gets taught in schools and a lot of first aid kits also have instructions inside them. However, there are many courses you can do that will teach you the basics and better prepare you for any unforeseen circumstances.

Now that we have dealt with the basic questions and concerns, here is a list of items you should always have ready in your first aid kits for Easter Weekend:

• 2 First-aid dressing No. 5
• 2 First-aid dressing No. 3
• 2 Conform bandage 75mm x 4.5m
• 2 Conform bandage 50mm x 4.5m
• 2 Triangular bandage
• 10 plasters – single
• 1 Small child-safe scissors – metal
• 1 Forceps – metal
• 1 Safety pins 10’s
• 1 Antiseptic solution 100ml
• 1 CPR mouthpiece
• 2 Gloves per pair
• 2 Sterile gauze 75x75mm 5’s
• 1 Eno sachet
• 4 Alcohol Swab
• 1 Burn dressing 10x10cm
• 1 Paper tape 25mm x 3m
• 1 Rescue blanket
• 1 Plaster roll 25mm x 3m

Now that you are more aware of the safety aspect you can better prepare yourself for your weekend away!
Stress free and prepared for anything that might go wrong, although we do wish you a safe trip there and back!

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