Black Nitrile Gloves Are Finally Here

black nitrile gloves

All about Black Nitrile Gloves

black nitrile gloves

Black Nitrile Gloves aren’t just popular for their unique colouring. Popular across a broad range of industries, black nitrile gloves stand out amongst competitors for their durability, grip, and secure fit, unique amongst disposable gloves. Not to mention all nitrile gloves are latex free, perfect for avoiding latex allergies. There are a number of fields black nitrile gloves really shine in thanks to their unique properties.

Superior Grip: Black nitrile gloves are made to be extra thick, made of synthetic polymer, and comes textured on the fingers and palms to provide optimal grip.

High Durability: Because black nitrile gloves are so thick, they are resistant to chemical and other corrosives, and can withstand contact with sharp objects better. They also have tight cuffs, which stops chemicals and fluids entering the glove.

Better Fit: Black nitrile gloves are large, but they shrink or stretch to fit the hand when they become warmed by body temperature, making them the perfect skintight fit. This means they are comfortable, allows you to feel exactly what you’re doing when you handle things.

Black is the new Black: Black gloves look highly professional, but they also hide dirt, oil, blood and other fluids better, making your staff look less dirty.

Black Nitrile Gloves are the perfect fit for:

The Food Industry

More and More chefs are opting for black nitrile gloves. Grub Streat blog has done some research on the topic (read full post here). Apart from offering a “badass” look, it offers more protection when working with hot items.

The Salon Industry

Black gloves work wonders in the salon industry, especially when it comes to using products or dying hair. Hair stylists are also always using hair products and chemicals, and black nitrile gloves are designed to keep out chemicals.

The Tattoo Industry

With black nitrile gloves, you can keep ink off your hands, and the nice grip and touch sensitivity they provide gives you excellent control of your tattoo pen/kit, making sure you don’t mess up those fine details.

The Motor Industry

In the motor industry, you’re always dealing with chemicals, oils, corrosives, sharp objects, and harmful grime you don’t want to get on your skin. Black nitrile gloves are resistant to these chemicals, meaning they last longer, and their durability fights off injuries. The tight cuff also stops chemicals from getting inside.

The Medical Industry

By wearing tight-fitting black nitrile gloves you can keep your hands free of contaminants and other fluids. The touch sensitivity and grip also gives you accurate precision and the durability of these thick gloves keeps you safe from cuts or scrapes when working with surgical tools.


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We just acquired our range of black nitrile gloves, and if you work in any of these industries black nitrile gloves are the perfect gloves for you. Check out our range of other disposable gloves to find the gloves that work best for you.

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