Disposable Latex And Latex-Free Exam Gloves

exam gloves

A1 exam gloves are used daily by doctors, nurses and medical professionals all over South Africa. Designed for greater durability than other utility gloves, A1 examination gloves are water resistant and mould perfectly to hands for increased comfort. Disposable A1 exam gloves consist of superior materials and unique construction that allow dexterity while still being a tough durable glove that will not tear during medical treatment.

A1 exam gloves are manufactured from high-quality natural rubber latex or synthetic latex-free nitrile. Available with ultra-low water-soluble protein, ultra-low powder, or powder-free options, there is a latex or latex-free exam glove for everyone. We believe in meeting customer expectations and providing the highest quality healthcare products such as the disposable A1 medical exam glove.

Versatile A1 latex gloves can be used in a variety of tasks in the military, medical institutions and even at home. Disposable exam gloves are essential in the healthcare industry because they protect both the patient and medical professionals from germs and infections. Wearing A1 latex and latex-free nitrile gloves is a must to prevent the spread of contamination, disease and infections between caregivers and patients. We are committed to providing the best disposable examination gloves with no compromise.

Omnisurge is proudly the only medical equipment supplier of the A1 exam glove in Sub-Saharan Africa.  

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