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With our mobility range we aim to make you or a loved ones life easier, providing more comfort ability in helping you to carry on with your daily living activities, improve general wellbeing and independence.
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We stock a broad range of mobility and homecare equipment. We are dedicated to providing top quality mobility products to assist in the everyday lives of the mobility impaired, stocking a selection of crutches, wheelchairs, bathroom assistants, walking aids and monitoring equipment for blood pressure and weight. All crafted from durable, practical materials, sold at wholesale prices. Bathroom Assists: Everyone needs a helping hand. Our bathroom assistance equipment is designed to assist with mobility for those who have difficulty standing or getting up/sitting down. Shower or bath stools/seats enable those with difficulties to sit comfortably in the shower or bath while washing. We also offer Commode chairs as toilet assistants for those with difficulty sitting down/getting up. Crutches: For mobility assistance, we offer wooden or plastic underarm or elbow crutches for adults, designed for stability and ease of movement. These crutches are strong and durable, built to support your body weight. Other Assists: From backrests to wheelchair trays we stock all the necessities for ease of living. We also stock grab bars, which allow for a firm hand grip for stability whenever it is needed, like in hallways. Walking Aids: For long term mobility assistance we stock a range of walking aids, including paediatric walkers, rollers, and walking sticks. All of our walking aids are designed to withstand weight during use, while still remaining light enough for easy handling and mobility. Wheelchairs: From basic adult wheelchairs to high-tech electric wheelchairs, we stock a broad catalogue of mobility assistants to cater for one's needs. Our basic and heavy duty wheelchairs are designed for comfort and durability. Many of our chairs are transport friendly, built to be detached or folded away.
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