Zinc Oxide Strapping Tape

Product Description

– Zinc Oxide tape is a non-stretch cotton or rayon tape with a Zinc Oxide Adhesive.
– Generally used by athletes to prevent sports injuries, protect wounds and help cuts heal faster.
– Prevents soft tissue damage during workouts.
– Often applied to protect the wrist, knee, ankle, or other joints of the body. It can also support muscles to stabilise injured ligaments.
– Remains intact when worn for a long period of time, and tolerates moisture, even in humid environments.
– Tears easily by hand along its length and width without requiring the use of scissors.
– Moulds easily to the contours of the body, making it far less bulky and lighter weight than a brace.
– Available in Sizes: 12.5mm X 5M, 25mm X 5m, 50mm X 5m, 75mm X 5m, 100mm X 5m.
– Packed per Box and available per Case – See Specification Tab for quantity details.


Additional Information


12.5mm X 5M (24 per BOX)
25mm X 5m (12 per BOX)
50mm X 5m (6 per BOX)
75mm X 5m (6 per BOX)
100mm X 5m (6 per BOX)


12.5mm X 5M (30 BOXES per CASE)
25mm X 5m (30 BOXES per CASE)
50mm X 5m (30 BOXES per CASE)
75mm X 5m (24 BOXES per CASE)
100mm X 5m (18 BOXES per CASE)

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