Product Description

– BURNSHIELD® products have been sterilised by Gamma Irradiation, and are guaranteed sterile until opened.
– Suitable for immediate use on most small to medium sized Burns and Scalds.
– Sterile, bacteria static.
– Non-toxic and non-irritant.
– Cools and moistens the burnt area.
– Minimises skin damage and provides physical protection against contamination.
– Inhibits the burn’s progression.
– Foam based, fibreless dressing for optimal heat dissipation.
– Conforms to wound area and elastic and able to stretch and flex.
– Non-adherent and easy to remove.
– Covered in stable water-soluble gel.
– Available in Sizes: 10 X 10 (250 PPC) and 20 X 20 (50 PPC).
– Individually packed, 50-250 per Case (PPC).
– Price is per EACH.


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10 X 10 (250 per CASE)
20 X 20 (50 per CASE)

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