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The Battle of Choosing Between Junk Foods and Raw Foods – Part 2: Raw Food Diet Benefits

Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet is one that has gained substantial growth over recent years – it is currently the 9th most popular diet globally! With conditions like obesity, diabetes, and cancer on the rise more people are starting to look for alternative and healthier ways to live. Processed foods are so common that most people tend […]

The Battle of Choosing Between Junk Foods and Raw Foods – Part 1: The Junk Food Effect

Junk Foods and Raw Foods

The battle between choosing junk foods and raw foods is one that will probably go on forever. New franchises are popping up all over the globe, seemingly overnight, with most people not even noticing the construction taking place. The fast food industry is growing at a rate of 2.5% per year. South Africa’s fast food […]

Exercise and Diet


I can’t believe the contrasting views and recent developments of late. There are so many renowned and prolific experts with different views. You would think that they would have it all figured out by now. Surely we live in an age where we can delve deep into the inner workings of our bodies, slow it […]

The Right Superfoods for Kids


As kids grow up they need a healthy balanced diet, not only to promote physical development and well-being, but also to aid and support brain functions, memory, and concentration. The brain absorbs nutrients from foods, just like any other part of a child’s body. Therefore it’s vitally important that we help children to get the […]

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