Medical Supplies Price List

As a medical buyer, sourcing the right medical supplies is a complex but crucial task. Omnisurge, a premier supplier in South Africa, offers a comprehensive range of products to meet the varied needs of hospitals, clinics, emergency response units, and old age homes. Here’s an insight into what Omnisurge can offer, with a focus on key products that are essential for your inventory.

Omnisurge’s Range of Products

  1. Disposable Gloves and Wipes: Omnisurge is a direct importer of high-quality medical supplies including disposable gloves and wipes throughout Africa​​​​. Their GOLDEN HANDS™ range of disposable gloves has been used with confidence for more than a decade across various sectors, providing protection and hygiene​​.

  2. Mobility Aid Products: Recognizing the importance of mobility for patients, Omnisurge offers a range of products designed to enhance comfort and independence. These include top-quality mobility aids that facilitate daily living activities and improve general well-being​​. You can easily order these products through their online store​​.

  3. Food Industry Supplies: Recognized as a leading supplier of hygiene products for the food industry, Omnisurge caters to this sector with a well-priced product list and exceptional customer service

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