During the ongoing COVID-19 virus outbreak, fraudsters globally are attempting to exploit the situation to defraud businesses and individuals.

At omnisurge, we feel it is important to alert you to different types of fraud and scenarios that you may be subjected to in the days and months to come, and to inform you of the steps you can take to help prevent you becoming a fraud victim.

Types of Fraud:

  • Fake goods
  • Malicious emails
  • Fake Invoices
  • Change of banking details


As the demand for resources grows and the pressure on businesses increases, it is possible clients will seek new suppliers to meet that demand.

Fraudsters are setting up fake websites and advertising across open source and social media that they can provide.

The advertising will indicate that the supply can be made available in bulk. It is unlikely to be extremely cheap as fraudsters are aware of the sheer demand for such goods.


In order to help prevent yourself from being a victim of this type of scam the following steps should be considered:

  • Only deal with a confirmed supplier either by previous successful purchase
  • Always use sites such as WHOIS and business registrations to establish how long the ‘new’ supplier has been in existence
  • Verify the phone numbers and emails provided as Omnisurge is a reputable business and dont change bank details or email addresses.