Conforming Bandage

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Product Description

– Contour conforming.
– Designed to mould itself to the shape of the area where it is applied.
– High quality stretch properties.
– Elastic knit material.
– Designed to be self-adhesive.
– Soft and comfortable.
– Designed to be breathable.
– Resistant to infection and odour.
– Available in sizes: 50mm X 4.5m (60 PPC), 75mm X 4.5m (40 PPC), 100mm X 4.5m (30 PPC), 150mm X 4.5m (20 PPC).
– Packed as 12 per Packet and 20-60 Packets per Case (PPC).


Additional Information


12 per PACKET


50mm X 4.5m (60 PACKETS per CASE)
75mm X 4.5m (40 PACKETS per CASE)
100mm X 4.5m (30 PACKETS per CASE)
150mm X 4.5m (20 PACKETS per CASE)