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Omnisurge - Plasters & Bandages  

Plasters & Bandages

When dressing or tending to wounds it’s essential to have the best in hygienic materials. At Omnisurge we stock a wide range of sterilised and unsterilised bandages and dressings, waterproof and non-waterproof tapes and plasters, all to meet your medical needs.

Our bandages come in durable cotton and strong plaster of paris varieties for casts and bandages. Our cotton varieties are elastic, comfortable, and breathable, and plaster of paris is moldable and quickly becomes firm to help in the healing process, while still being as light as cotton. Our calico bandage designs are lightweight, non-sterile and washable, making them reusable and hygienic.

For wounds and burns we stock Burnshield Hydrogel, and various other first aid dressings that are low-lint, absorbent, aerating and comfortable for patients. We also stock wound dressing strips, that can be cut to size and are used to dress cuts, grazes, abrasions and stitches.

For smaller cuts or wounds and to keep bandages and dressings firmly in place we supply waterproof plasters and tape. Our tape comes in paper, polyethylene and zinc oxide strapping varieties, for a secure fit.

Our gauze and swabs come in sterile and nonsterile cotton varieties, used to clean and separate wounds. We stock these items in bulk, as they are a necessity in any hospital, general practice or first aid kit. We also stock paraffin gauze and alcohol swabs for effective means of cleaning and soothing wounds, also used in conjunction with antiseptics.