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Non Contact Fever Detection Systems

help detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever, a symptom of the Coronavirus. Omnisurge can help you to detect people with a potential fever and may contain or limit the spread of the Coronavirus through identification of infected individuals showing fever symptoms. 

Non Contact Thermal Imaging

Forehead Non-Contact Detection


Non Contact Thermal Imaging

Wireless Temperature Detection


Facial recognition and Infrared Temperature Measurement explained

Temperature measurement systems for face recognition actually adds the function of face recognition on the basis of infrared temperature measurement. The principle of temperature measurement of the two is basically the same.

In addition to the light that can be seen by the human eye (usually called visible light), there is also non-visible light such as ultraviolet rays and infrared rays in nature. Any object with a temperature above absolute zero (-273°C) in nature radiates electromagnetic waves (infrared rays) at any time, so infrared rays are the most widespread electromagnetic waves in nature, and thermal infrared rays are not absorbed by atmospheric smoke clouds. With the rapid development of science and technology, the use of infrared characteristics, the combination of applied electronic technology and computer software with infrared technology, is used to detect and measure thermal radiation. The size of the heat radiated from the surface of the object, the thermal sensor obtains different heat differences, and through the processing of electronic technology and software technology, it presents images with different light and dark or colour differences, which is what we usually say infrared thermal imaging; After the heat is converted by the heat radiation algorithm, the conversion between the thermal image and the temperature is realized.

The core of the human body temperature measurement camera technology is a dual-spectral imaging camera with infrared thermal image and visible light image. The dual-spectral imaging camera is installed in the entrance and exit channels so that the lens looks directly at the bayonet position of the channel (note: accurate temperature measurement must be at the point of detection Configure a black body instrument for temperature reference correction of the inspected person); the temperature measurement camera performs online real-time temperature measurement on the exposed parts of the face, forehead and other bodies of the person passing the bayonet. When the detected temperature is higher than the set temperature (such as 37.3 ), the system will immediately lock the highest temperature and alert the duty personnel, who in turn can react according to protocols.

After adding the face recognition function, offline facial recognition, body temperature detection, mask recognition, identity verification, on-site face collection, blacklist early warning, and people taking pictures, live detection and other functions are possible.

Important considerations when investing in Thermal Imaging devices

  • Highest detection resolution rather than be impressed by display resolution.
  • Accuracy of results
  • Data Storage in standard formats that are broadly used and supported.
  • Compatible with latest apps and software.
  • Comprehensive support and warranty to protect your investment
  • Buy from reputable companies with a trading track record prior to the pandemic outbreak.

Advantages of Non Contact Thermal Imaging

1. Investigation: fast, large-scale investigation. Infrared thermal imaging camera uses a non-contact imaging temperature measurement method, the image response speed is very fast. It can check one or more high-temperature individuals in the field of view within 1 second.

2. Distance: Passive, long-distance non-contact, non-disturbing temperature measurement methods are used, and the person being tested can complete the temperature detection without stopping, standing or taking any action. At the same time, the staff is far away from the test population, which can effectively avoid cross-infection.

3. Judgment: The infrared thermal imager can search out the body surface temperature of the tested person, and can calculate the temperature display of the body through the built-in software, which is convenient for the staff to check the body temperature.

4. Alarm: the imaging infrared thermometer can be powered by an external power supply to continuously perform human body temperature sampling; when a high-temperature individual passes through the field of view, the infrared camera can indicate the location of the high-temperature individual and issue a sound or color warning.

In many infectious diseases, the judgment of body temperature is the most basic and crucial point.

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