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Omnisurge is a leading specialist supplier of Needles and Syringes and other injecting equipment. It is an important part of any exam room or surgical procedure. It allows users to draw fluid, inject medication or it can help clean a wound. Our modern Needles Syringes are designed to provide more comfort, less pain and bruising when being used.
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Our comprehensive range of needles and syringes are highly cost effective and represent the highest quality brands within the sector. We ensure you the very best quality at the very best prices. We stock large volumes of most lines to ensure you the most reliable delivery first time! Syringes & Needles banner


These are tools used for collecting or injecting fluids in a surgical manner. They consist of a stopper that helps to prevent medication for leaking, the barrel that holds the fluids, a flange allows a user to hold the syringe securely and a plunger rod which is a device that presses the fluid through the needle.  The different types of Syringes Omnisurge offer: 
  • The Luer Slip Syringe allows the needle to slip over the tip of the syringe. They are quick and convenient. These types of syringes tend to be cheaper and are beneficial for quick injections.
  • Catheter Tip Syringes are mostly used to inject through tubing or when a regular slip tip is larger than a normal slip tip. 
  • Insulin Syringes contain a short, thin needle to help prevent pain and bruising when injecting insulin. 


Omnisurge provides needles that come in various lengths and diameters for different types of injections. Needles are classified according to their length and diameter. The diameter is measured in gauges, when shopping for needles it is important to know that larger needles gauge the smaller the diameter. A higher gauge will cause less pain and bruising during the injection.  
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