Gut Bacteria – Your Diet and Your Brain

Gut Bacteria

Research suggests that gut bacteria may directly affect brain structure and functionmyelin
Each of us has countless microorganisms living in our digestive tracts. Primarily these gut flora are responsible for helping us digest our food by synthesizing and metabolizing various components and compounds. But new studies have shown that these microbes may also be responsible for exerting subtle influences on our thoughts, mood, and behaviour. And, even more importantly, that your gut microbes might even affect the structure and function of the brain more directly by controlling myelination, the process by which nerve fibres are insulated by a fatty layer which helps to conduct impulses properly.

It is not a new concept; this relationship and two-way communication between the gut bacteria and the brain, but new research and further studies seem to suggest that the human gut microbiome plays important roles in health and disease, and changes to the structures of these bacterial colonies have been implicated in a wide range of neurological and psychiatric conditions, including autism, chronic pain, depression, and Parkinson’s Disease, although the links still remain somewhat tenuous.

So not only are links being made to the the gut bacteria’s influence on the physical structures of the brain, but also on the psychological implications it might have.

gut-bacteria22The old saying: “You are what you eat” has never been more true!

With modern diets being so full of artificial chemicals, high levels of oil, and huge doses of sugar, we are making it quite hard for gut bacteria to survive and do their job. Perhaps that’s why, after eating an unhealthy fast food meal, we tend to feel foggy and tired. The gut bacteria are struggling and their communication with our brains are affected.

Perhaps that’s also why probiotics and digestive enzyme supplements are not only becoming more popular, but are also touted as essential to a healthy body.

Whichever choice you decide to make, know that what you eat can ultimately have a huge influence on how you feel and how your brain works. Following a healthy balanced diet full of rich nutritional value will always have positive results on your health and well-being.