In 2016 Botswana will celebrate its 50th year of independence. So what, you may say? What’s there to shout about? Well, quite a lot really. Not least this is a country with: the longest continuous multi-party democracy on the continent, a progressive social outlook (Botswana was one of the first countries to offer free anti-retroviral drugs to its citizens in 2002), minimal corruption, a healthy and enlightened tourism industry, and a fast-growing economy since independence.

The country’s journey from abject poverty in 1966 to becoming one of Africa’s most stable and thriving societies is hugely inspiring and, no doubt, deserves a proverbial pat on the back. Botswana is so full of life-changing experiences it would be easier to list the things that aren’t remarkable.


We would like to introduce to you the new kid on the block: Omnisurge Botswana.

Backed by our South African-based branches, Omnisurge Botswana guarantees the lowest prices and the best guaranteed value for money. We pride ourselves on empowering our employees with product knowledge, and in doing so to give you, our valued customers, our best assistance at all times. Our sales and support extend to all English and Setswana speaking regions within Botswana.

Omnisurge Botswana (Pty) Ltd are suppliers to the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Beauty, First Aid, Safety, Food Disposable, Wholesale and Retail Industries. We also supply retirement villages, homes for the physically disabled, government departments, local metropolitan councils and other healthcare providers such as medical aids. No Customer is too big or too small.

Should your company have any special requirements, unique needs, or enquiries regarding Medical Consumables, Supplies and Equipment, or other products, kindly contact us directly by completing the form on the Contact Us Page with your details and submitting it to us. As prominent medical suppliers, Omnisurge has taken the hassle out of international trade by sourcing the best supplies and providing them to your door. We are sure to help you find the correct solution for your needs.