The Story of Omnisurge

Specialising in providing wholesale medical supplies, Omnisurge is a trusted medical equipment supplier to the medical industry, beauty industry, business, and local and state government. Every client is treated with the same personalised approach: we supply medical equipment to meet your every need. Whatever the size of your order you will always get excellent service and the lowest wholesale prices. We endeavour to continuously reduce costs by sourcing wholesale medical supplies from all over the globe. We have taken the hassle out of international trade by sourcing the best medical supplies and shipping them to your door. Our bulk medical supplies are direct from reliable, trustworthy and legitimate vendors to ensure the highest quality wholesale medical supplies. Omnisurge supplies medical equipment solutions which allow you to take advantage of the best wholesale medical supplies at the best price. We are not just your preferred medical supplies provider – we are your trusted business partner.


Our target is to be ranked as one of the leading import wholesalers in the industry by supplying the market with high demand products that are affordable, but doesn’t spare on quality. As prominent medical suppliers, Omnisurge has taken the hassle out of international trade by sourcing the best supplies and shipping them to your door. Our GROUP BUYING potential allows us to provide you with the maximum product and cost advantage by sourcing the most reliable, trustworthy and legitimate vendors.


– To promote our values of integrity, honesty and to gain the mutual trust of customers and suppliers alike by keeping our service, price and quality to the highest standards at all times. – To develop and maintain strong business relationships with our customers in order to anticipate and satisfy their requirements in a timely and convenient manner. – To treat every client, no matter what the size of their business, with a friendly personalised approach. Whatever the size of your order you will always get excellent service and the lowest wholesale prices. – To constantly update and expand our product range in order to keep abreast with the developing markets, industry needs, and legislative requirements.

Target Markets

We supply a wide range of clients and industries: medical and pharmaceutical, health care providers and facilities, food and catering industries, beauty industries, manufacturing industries, and many more. Medical Industry Supplies – medical companies including Hospitals, Private and State owned Clinics, Doctors, Pharmacies, Ambulance Services, Paramedics, as well as Retirement Villages, Old Age Homes and Homes for the Physically Disabled. Beauty Industry Supplies – Nail and Beauty Therapists, Spas, and Make-up Artists. Business Industry Supplies – Food Manufacturing and/or Preparation Factories, Catering Companies, Cleaning Companies, Pesticide Manufacturers & Pest Control, First Aid Equipment, Paint Manufacturers and Contractors, Automotive Industry, Nurseries and Garden Services. Local & State Government Tenders – Whether you are a state owned hospital, medical company or pharmaceutical company, our goal is to make quality products available to you at a reasonable price, sourced from leading manufacturers locally and around the world.

Special Requirements

Should your company have any special requirements for medical consumables, specially packed first aid items, HACCP requirements for the food industry, or any other unique needs, we will help find the right solution for you. We don’t just want to be your preferred medical supplies provider – we want to build a business relationship that will satisfy all your import needs. Contact us today to discuss your company’s needs.

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