Plaster of Paris Bandages | POP

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Product Description

– Leno Gauze Base Fabric.
– Made with Smooth POP Powder, a special Hi-tech Formulation Gypsum.
– Adapts easily to the contours of the body, immobilizing and thus aiding the healing process.
– Gives a strong, rapid dry setting and creates a sturdy long-life cast.
– Lightweight, durable, and higher cast strength for the same weight of bandage.
– Short immersion time and high compressive strength.
– Low powder loss and sets to a smooth and creamy finish.
– Allows for early, easy and superb moldability and higher stability.
– Excellent water absorbency capacity, no dry patches on bandages.
– Waterproof packaging.
– Available in Sizes: 50mm X 2.7m (20 PPC), 75mm X 2.7m (20 PPC), 100mm X 2.7m (10 PPC), 150mm X 2.7m (10 PPC), 200mm X 2.7m (5 PPC).
– Individually packed, 12 per Packet, 5-20 Packets per Case (PPC).


Additional Information


12 per PACKET


50mm X 2.7m (20 PACKETS per CASE)
75mm X 2.7m (20 PACKETS per CASE)
100mm X 2.7m (10 PACKETS per CASE)
150mm X 2.7m (10 PACKETS per CASE)
200mm X 2.7m (5 PACKETS per CASE)

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