Micropore Paper Tape

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Product Description

– Non-woven white Micropore Paper Tape for dressing fixation.
– Easy to use and tear by hand.
– Made from 100% semi-synthetic viscose.
– The low, hypoallergenic adhesive is ideal for fragile or dry skin and will not irritate or cause allergic reactions if used for long periods of time.
Micropores allow the skin to breathe which helps speed up wound recovery.
– Provides excellent permeability to air and moisture.
– Highly conformable to skin and can be shaped to fit almost any region of injury.
– Removal is less painful compared to conventional plasters.
– Micropore Paper Tape is available in Sizes: 12.5mm X 5m, 25mm X 5m, 50mm X 5m, 75mm X 5m.
– Packed per Box and available per Case – See Specification Tab for quantity details.


Additional Information


12.5mm X 5m (24 per BOX)
25mm X 5m (12 per BOX)
50mm X 5m (6 per BOX)
75mm X 5m (6 per BOX)


12.5mm X 5m (30 BOXES per CASE)
25mm X 5m (30 BOXES per CASE)
50mm X 5m (30 BOXES per CASE)
75mm X 5m (24 BOXES per CASE)

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