Island Dressing

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Product Description

– Soft, non-woven, sterile, absorbent fabric pad coated with hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive.
– Two strips of release paper.
– Ideal for post-operative wound management.
– High breathability reduces the risk of maceration.
– Helps to protect the wound from further trauma.
– Low adherent wound contact layer minimizes pain when changing or removing.
– Hypoallergenic adhesive provides gentle and secure fixation.
– Available in sizes: 5cm X 7cm (24 PPC), 6cm X 10cm (24 PPC), 9cm X 35cm (12 PPC), 10cm X 12cm (24 PPC), 10cm X 15cm (24 PPC), 10cm X 20cm (24 PPC), 10cm X 25cm (18 PPC).
– Packed as 50 per Packet and 12-24 Packets per Case (PPC).
– Prices are per EACH, Minimum order of 50.


Additional Information


50 per PACKET


5cm X 7cm (24 PACKETS per CASE)
6cm X 10cm (24 PACKETS per CASE)
9cm X 35cm (12 PACKETS per CASE)
10cm X 12cm (24 PACKETS per CASE)
10cm X 15cm (24 PACKETS per CASE)
10cm X 20cm (24 PACKETS per CASE)
10cm X 25cm (18 PACKETS per CASE)

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