Product Description

– First Aid Dressings are used for wrapping or packing wounds.
– They provide cushioning, protection, and comfort.
– They are designed to be absorbent, aerating, and low-linting.

First Aid Dressings are available in the following configuration types:
– First Aid Dressing 2: 50mm X 75mm X 1.2m
– First Aid Dressing 3: 75mm X 100mm X 2.2m
– First Aid Dressing 4: 150mm X 200mm X 4.5m
– First Aid Dressing 5: 150mm X 200mm X 2.5m
– First Aid Dressing 6: 200mm X 300mm X 4.5m

– Available in Sizes: 2 (1000 PPC), 3 (800 PPC), 5 (400 PPC), 4, 6.
– Individually packed, 400-1000 per Case (PPC).
– Prices are per EACH.


Additional Information




2 (1000 per CASE)
3 (800 per CASE)
4 (800 per CASE)
5 (400 per CASE)

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