Finito Electronic Lice Comb

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Product Description

Say goodbye to harmful chemicals forever!


With the Finito Electronic Lice Comb there is no more need for expensive shampoos containing pesticides.

The Finito Electronic Lice Comb is a convenient hand-held, battery operated device that can detect head lice and kill them using a small low voltage charge that is undetectable to the human body, but fatal to lice.

Its compact, ergonomical design makes the Finito Electronic Lice Comb the most innovative solution for easy and effective head lice removal.

– Stainless steel comb and built-in cleaning brush.
– Focused LED spotlight to aid in detection.
– Detection and charge emission LED.
– Uses 1 AA battery.
– Battery life of up to 10 hours continuous use, or 30-50 treatments.
– Small ergonomic design, size: 21 x 10.5 x 4cm.
– Device weight: 42grams (including battery)
– Sold as EACH.