StockDescriptionUomSpecial Price
ADMINY003Admin Set 60 Drop with Y Site 20/PackEACHR 1.90
ADMINY010Admin Set 20 Drop Y SiteEACHR 1.95
ALCOHO001Alcohol Swabs (200/Box)BOXR 15.75
APRONS100Apron Disposable White 670mmx820mm (10 micron)BOXR 24.90
AUTOCL001Autoclave Tape 12.5mmx50mEACHR 13.06
BPMONO001Blood Pressure Arm Digital MB-300CEACHR 193.35
BUTTER020Butterfly Needle Yellow 20G Continuous L/S (100/Box)EACHR 0.50
BUTTER021Butterfly Needle Green 21G Continuous L/S (100/Box)EACHR 0.50
BUTTER022Butterfy Needle Black 22G Continuous L/S (100/Box)EACHR 0.50
CIRCUM001Circumcision PackEACHR 10.50
COATSL004Lab Coat PRO LargeEACHR 5.50
COATSL005Lab Coat Pro XLEACHR 5.50
CONFOB001Conforming Bandage 50mm (12/Pack)PACKR 10.55
CONFOB004Conforming Bandage 150mm (12/Pack)PACKR 20.00
COVERA001Coveralls Disposable – SEACHR 10.90
COVERA002Coveralls Disposable – MEACHR 10.90
COVERA004Coveralls Disposable  XLEACHR 10.90
COVERA005Coveralls Disposable- XXLEACHR 10.90
COVERA006Coveralls Disposable- XXXLEACHR 10.90
DENTAL002Dental Needles 27g x 38mm longBOXR 51.50
DENTAL003Dental Needles 30g x 25mm shortBOXR 48.95
FINGEC001Finger Cots SBOXR 14.81
FINGER003Plaster Blue X-Ray Detectable 72x22mm (100/Box)BOXR 12.98
GOWNS001Surgical Re-inforced Sterile Gown with towel SEACHR 33.10
GOWNS002Surgical Re-inforced Sterile Gown with towel MEACHR 33.10
GOWNS003Surgical Re-inforced Sterile Gown With Towel LEACHR 33.10
HAIRNE001Hair Net Pro Black 19″ (100/Pack)BOXR 38.29
HAIRNE002Hair Net Pro White 19″ (100/Pack)BOXR 37.79
HAIRNE002Hair Net Pro White 19″ (100/Pack)BOXR 37.79
HOS-118Urisheath  –  Large  –  eachEACHR 1.33
HOS-119Urisheath  –  XLarge  –  eachEACHR 1.33
HOUSEG008Household Nitrile Green XLEACHR 8.29
HOUSEY004Household Rubber Yellow XLEACHR 3.26
INSULI010Insulin Syr 1ml 27gx16mm (½”) NeedleBOXR 35.88
KNEESU004Knee Support X LargeEACHR 6.89
MEDICT001Medicine Tumblers 60mlEACHR 0.95
OTH-003WOW Bandage 75mm x 5m x 12BOXR 9.00
OTH-004WOW Bandage 100mm x 5m x 12BOXR 11.68
OTH-005WOW 50mm x 5m x 12BOXR 6.30
OXYGEN001Oxygen Mask 2m Tube Child (100 expired)EACHR 6.22
PARAFF001Parrafin Gauze 100x100 (10S)BOXR 15.85
RESCUB001Rescue Blanket Adult 25 in a packEACHR 7.11
SCALES001Bathroom Scale Digital 150kgsEACHR 92.59
SCALES002Bathroom Scale 130kgEACHR 61.24
STETHO001Stethoscope Single Head Nurse BlackEACHR 19.75
STETHO002Stethscope Doctor Dual HeadEACHR 21.71
STETHO003Stethoscope-Rappaport BlueEACHR 45.44
STITCH001Stitch Cutters LongBOXR 80.44
STITCH002Stitch Cutters (Short)BOXR 71.93
SURGEO001Surgeon Cap with Tie x 100BOXR 52.32
SURGIPF80Surgical Sterile Powder Free 8.0 (GOLDEN HANDS)BOXR 135.00
SYRING002Syringe 3 part Leur Slip 2ml Concentric (100/Box)BOXR 29.00
THERMO003Digital ThermometerEACHR 18.85
UMBILI001Umbilical Cord ClampEACHR 0.44
VINYLC002Vinyl Clear PVC Powder Free S (GOLDEN HANDS)BOXR 26.61

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