StockDescriptionUOMSelling Price
CRUTCH003FS935M -Crutches Wooden MediumEACHR 89.67
APRONS100Apron Disposable White 670mmx820mm (10 micron)BOXR 24.90
CRUTCH004FS935L – Crutches Wooden LargeEACHR 91.94
CRUTCH002FS935S -Crutches Wooden SmallEACHR 87.41
STITCH001Stitch Cutters LongBOXR 80.44
PPE-029Overshoes Alt Non Woven BlueBOXR 21.34
MASKS004N95 Conical Mask 20 in a boxBOXR 67.85
SURGEO001Surgeon Cap with Tie x 100BOXR 52.32
WHEELC107FS805LABJ -Wheelchair Transport Alum fixed arm-flip foot Red 46cm/18inchEACHR 1,189.10
BPMONO001Blood Pressure Arm Digital MB-300CEACHR 193.35
SURGIPP60Surgical Sterile Powder 6.0 (GOLDEN HANDS)BOXR 120.85
FIRSTA009FS046 – Firstar First Aid Bag – OrangeEACHR 176.18
TRANSP004Transpore Tape 75mmx5m (6/Box)EACHR 6.92
EABBAN001EAB Bandage Golden Care Premium 100mmx3m (12/Pack)EACHR 17.81
WIPES002Jumbo Cleaning Wipes YELLOW 25x50x800 (400m Roll)EACHR 239.90
FIR-113FS022 Road side Kit RefillEACHR 264.13
THERMO003Digital ThermometerEACHR 14.64
COVERA006Coveralls Disposable- XXXLEACHR 10.31
ALCOHO001Alcohol Swabs (200/Box)BOXR 15.23
FIR-035FS096SURV – Firstar Survival Kit –EACHR 328.57
GAUZES005Gauze 100x100x8 ply N/S Plain 100 ( 100 p/case )EACHR 18.81
ADMINY010Admin Set 20 Drop Y SiteEACHR 1.91
CIRCUM001Circumcision PackEACHR 10.49
FIRSTA007FS087 – Firstar Multi Euro KitEACHR 96.42
ANKLES004Ankle Support X LargeEACHR 7.57
FINGEC001Finger Cots SBOXR 14.81
RESCUB001Rescue Blanket Adult 25 in a packEACHR 7.11
ZINCOX004Zinc Oxide Plasters 75mmx5m (6/Box)EACHR 10.13
FIN-001 (100 X BOTSWANA CONSIGNMENT)Finito Electrical Lice combEACHR 127.16
COATSL004Lab Coat PRO LargeEACHR 4.81
SYRING008Syringe Catheter Tip Leur Slip Concentric 50 ml (25/Box)BOXR 50.48
SPINAL0019Spinal Needle Quincke point 20G x 90mm (Yellow) onlyEACHR 3.90
FIRSTA006FS094 – Firstar EVA Auto kitEACHR 85.06
SYRING005Syringe 3 part 10ml Luer Slip Concentric (100/Box)BOXR 54.29
WHEELC200FS110A -Wheelchair Power lip up armrest/detach foot Foldable frameEACHR 11,226.72
FIRSTA012FS024EMP – Firstar Empty Bag for Regulation 3 & 7EACHR 41.16
SYRING007Syringe 3 Part Leur Slip 50ml Concentric (25/Box)BOXR 48.50
THERMO005Infrared Ear And Forehead Thermometer FT100A (blue)EACHR 185.17
HAIRNE002Hair Net Pro White 19″ (100/Pack)BOXR 37.79
COVERA004Coveralls Disposable  XLEACHR 9.48
NEEDLE020Needle 20g x 38mm (yellow)BOXR 15.68
APRONS006APRON Disposable Pink 670mmx820mm (100/Pack)BOXR 25.56
GOWNS001Surgical Re-inforced Sterile Gown with towel SEACHR 23.41
SURGIPF65Surgical Sterile Powder Free 6.5 (GOLDEN HANDS)BOXR 131.90
FIR-130FS022EMP – Firstar Roadside Bag onlyEACHR 47.84
LINENS001Linen Savers 510x650x4 ply (200s)CASER 257.25
THERMO004Infrared Ear And Forehead Thermometer EF100A (black)EACHR 129.62
FIR-122-DFS9090 -Firstar Deluxe Waterproof Safeguard Kit TBFEACHR 80.20

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