When it comes to health and safety at home, in the workplace, out on the road or on the field, it’s essential to take it seriously. For work and sports in particular there are laws and regulations as to how health and emergencies are handled. The first and foremost is the need for regulation first aid kits in the workplace, on the field, and out on the road/waters.

Regardless of the law, it’s entirely necessary to have a first aid kit where you live and work. Injuries, big and small, can happen at any time, and in workplaces where physical labour is required, and on sports fields, injuries are even more likely to occur. Big or small, injuries should be immediately tended to, and caring for large injuries before a doctor or surgeon can see to them can make a huge difference for the patient. It’s those first few minutes that are crucial.

This is even more true for people out on the road or on the water, where they are likely not close to any medical facilities. If you experience an injury it’s crucial to be able to treat yourself and others, and the more medical supplies and equipment in a first aid kit the better. You don’t want to get caught unprepared! For serious injuries a first aid kit can mean the difference between possible life and death, or other grievous bodily harm.

It’s also important for a school or nursery to have a first aid kit on hand. Parents need to know their children are safe and looked after, and even the smallest scraped knee or cut needs to be taken care of. The kit must always be prepared to deal with somewhat more severe cuts or injuries, no matter how safe one believes their environment to be. A school can be liable for the damages if they don’t handle the situation adequately.

In your own home it’s just as important to have a first aid kit, and one large enough to accommodate all the residence in the household. As with every other environment, first aid can make a difference after an injury, no matter the size of the injury, and you won’t find yourself regretting owning one.

Last but certainly not least, keep your first aid kit stocked! An empty first aid kit has never helped anyone. Don’t get caught unawares, so check your first aid kit regularly to see that you don’t have missing tools or dressings.

At Omnisurge we stock a range of first aid kits, as well as their refills. If you don’t have a first aid kit on hand take a look at our range, and make sure you have one ready for when you need it.

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